We Sell It
For You
On eBay

1. How it works
You pay nothing upfront. We provide you with an average market evaluation price that your item will sell for. It's mutually beneficial for us to get the best price while satisfying buyer expectations. When you stop in, we can review our techniques for getting the best price for your item(s).

2. Appearance Counts
The on screen appearance is critical to gain buyer attention. We take the time to professionally photograph each item using careful positioning and the most advantageous lighting. We have created thousands of photos that have successfully sold products.

3. Copy Sells
We professionally write descriptive copy that sells your item. Descriptions are accurate and clearly portray the specs, features and usage of each item so the product arrives to the buyer as advertised.
Our eBay ratings attest to our success.

4. Payment and Shipping
When a buyer makes payment on your sold item, we deposit the money. Then we professionally package and ship the item.

5. You Get Paid!
When the buyer accepts the item the process is complete. We deduct eBay and our fees and write you a check. It's that easy! Visit or call our nearest store to have your items evaluated today!