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Richard graduated from the US Navy School of Photography in 1970, and has been active in professional photograpyh ever since. Photography has changed dramatically over the last fourty years. With the onset of digital imaging, things that were once considered nearly impossible with silver (film) imaging are now common place.

With nearly everyone having a camera phone available at their fingertips and can print the photos at home on an inexpensive inkjet printer, it is easy to take snapshots. Snapshots are great for everyday photos, but when it comes to creating lasting memories or important images of your business products, you need the eyes and skills of a professional.

We use the highest quality professional equipment with professional quality optics. We do not take snapshots, we produce professional photographs.

When we photograph an event, we usually shoot several hundred photographs. Unlike other photographers, we don't edit the results and give you only a few photos to choose from. With Hometown Digitals, you get every image that was produced, and you are free to print them yourself, have them printed at a discount store, or choose our professional quality lab printing.

With our print lab we've kept the same exceptional quality that you get with film processing. Light is projected from your digital file onto paper and developed in the lab. You get the same results that you've always been used to with traditional photography.

No matter what the occasion or event, Hometown Digitals can produce the finest quality available anywhere. Weddings, Highschool Seniors, Parties, Bar Mitzvahs, Portraits, Births, and even Deaths. (yes, we have had clients that wanted photos taken at a funeral) What ever the situation, Hometown Digitals can photograph it.

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