Do you want your own web site?

We can design, build, register, and maintain a custom web site for your business or personal needs. We can also teach you how to build your own site, or how to use any of the popular FREE web site providers, such as Yahoo or MySpace.

Our web design pro has been building web sites since 1995, and has instructed web site construction at Spokane Falls Community College. (IEL Newport)

You can attend one of our classes, receive one on one tutoring, or let us do all the work for you.

Internet Service Packages

  • Website Design and Deployment
    • Basic 3 page website design and setup with contact email submission form $400.00. Includes Visitor Counter / Tracker with full hit stats and search engine submission. (additional pages $100.00 per page)
  • Hit Tracker with full hit stats and search engine submission. (additional pages $100.00 per page)
  • E-commerce Package for integration into an existing web site
    • Integrated e-commerce template based shopping cart with owner admin section where you can add and manage your products $1200.00. (osCommerce or Zen-Cart)
    • Integrated PayPal shopping cart with up to 10 products/options $150.00 (no admin area, products must be manually added or managed)
  • Webmaster Services
    • Marketing and maintenance for your existing site. It provides search engine submission, key word and Meta tag development, email marketing assistance, and minor edits or copy re-writes to maintain search engine placement on your existing web site for only $75.00 per month. (no contract required)
  • Pre-Paid Service
    • You may pre-pay for four hours of Internet Services and receive a 25% discount. This means that you only pay $75.00 for fours of any type of web programming with the exception of new site design or e-commerce integration.
  • Hourly
    • Our standard rate for all Internet programming is $25.00 per hour, including HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Flash, Image Manipulation, etc.

Web Master & Marketing Services

  • Do you already have your own web site?

    We can market and promote your site to get you found on the Internet.

    Hometown Digitals Webmaster And Marketing Service

    Hometown Digitals offers a complete web package to maintain and promote your web site at an affordable price.

    What You Get:
    • 1. Up to four hours of web site maintenance per month including edits, changes, copy rewrites, image edits, page updates, etc. Additional time over four hours billed at the standard rate.1 This includes telephone support.
    • 2. Your web site submitted to Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, and multiple other search engines, and a listing in Google Maps. Submissions are made multiple times each month to insure that your site is being properly indexed by the major search engines.
    • 3. Listing and maintenance with Google Ad Words.2 This includes one hour of additional telephone consultation related to site marketing.
    • 4. Installation of an analytics and website statistics tool accessible by you any time so that you can track traffic statistics for each hit including hit time, referring link and domain, remote IP, language, search engine referrals, including search keyword and terms, and more.3
    • 5. Search engine optimization including key word monitoring and competitor keyword analysis to keep your ranking as high as possible. Keywords and metatags adjusted as necessary.
    • 6. Email marketing assistance including e-card and template design, lead acquisition4 and one additional hour of telephone consultation and research related to email marketing.
    • 7. Receive a monthly status report and account statement.

    What Does It Cost
    • 1. $75.00 Per Month. This includes four hours of web site support time. You may mix your time so that it most effectively meets your needs, i.e., if you do not need email marketing assistance, the additional time can apply to copy rewrites. Unlike cell phone minutes, unused time does NOT roll over to the next month.
    • 2. There is NO CONTRACT. You may discontinue this service any time. Once billed, charges are non refundable, however, you may cancel at any time.
    • 3. Payment may be made by Cash, Check, Money Order, or by the preferred method of Pay Pal.
    • 4. Payment is in advance, for the next month’s service.

    1 Standard rate for web services is $25.00 per hour.
    2 The AdWords listing and keyword selection is covered in this price, NOT the cost of the click through campaign, which is charged by Google. The amount you pay for AdWords is up to you. You can, for instance, set a daily budget of five dollars and a maximum cost of ten cents for each click on your ad. Pay only for results. You're charged only if someone clicks your ad, not when your ad is displayed.
    3 Your hosting provider and server must support PHP. Other tracking options are available.
    4 The cost for actual leads is not covered. This is charged by the leads provider and is dependent on the type, number, and granularity of the list.